Discover a community of art, culture, and education that inspires and transforms.

Women-led for more than 15 years, Casa Circulo Cultural has served the cultural, creative, developmental, and linguistic needs of disadvantaged and immigrant children and adults. Our programs reflect the Latino experience in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Visual & Performing Arts

Inspire creativity through classes in cultural dance styles, music, multimedia, painting, manual arts, and theater, fostering self-expression and artistic appreciation.

Education & Empowerment

Offer Spanish immersion after-school, Saturday, and summer programs for youth and educational, vocational, leadership, English language, and civic programs for adults, catering to diverse learning needs and empowering individuals to succeed.

Fitness & Wellness

Nurture holistic well-being and mental health through martial arts, cooking, gardening, and dance exercise classes, encouraging healthy lifestyles.

Community Engagement

Host or collaborate with community organizations to provide free resources, education, fun, and connections through workshops, webinars, field trips, pop-up classes, and public events.

Cultural Enrichment

Showcase Latin American culture through exhibitions, performances, and social gatherings, promoting cultural exchange, artistic expression, and understanding of social issues.

Day of the Dead

Honor and celebrate the Día de los Muertos tradition with beautifully crafted altars, catrinas, live performances, and a thoughtful procession, paying tribute to our ancestors and enriching our community.

Transformative Results

Children & Families

Our whole-family approach empowers youth and parents to develop well-rounded life skills, gain confidence, explore their cultural identity, and improve their Spanish or English, which aids family communication and relationships.

Adult & Seniors

We offer a true sense of belonging by creating a space for the community to gather, share their culture, learn, stay active, participate civically, and promote well-being and quality of life.

In the Community

We are a safe and trusted source for culturally conscious information and developmental opportunities. Our programming promotes appreciation and understanding of Latino culture and history, creating a more diverse community.

A Flight into the Future Gala

We are celebrating our 15th anniversary! Join us for an evening of dinner, music, and spirited performances to expand Casa Circulo Cultural’s mission of providing bilingual opportunities for growth and learning through arts and culture in San Mateo County.