School pods

Our Tech Lab includes school pods and extracurricular technologic and communication activities to provide educational support to low-income, underserved families and students, and help them achieve academic success during distant learning due to COVID-19.

Our school pod program includes educational support, enrichment services, snacks, and physical activity. The students, from middle and high schools, will be to kept focused on their virtual classes, instructors will review and reinforce each individual’s school class schedule, ensuring that each child is completing required work in a timely fashion, help each child with questions during their remote learning sessions and provide children with a safe and supportive environment while their parents work.

Digital storytelling and photo voice workshops

Our program seeks to teach students how to use audiovisual communication tools (such as photography, audio and video editing, as well as notions of script) so that they can self-represent and represent their community in a free, inclusive and creative way.

These workshops are coordinated by Instructor, Manuel Ortiz, who uses a novel methodology that integrates techniques from digital journalism and visual sociology.

We understand that technology can also be used to combat the achievement gap for all underserved communities.

Technology can be used to help young children learn and can help fill in the gaps where teachers and parents may be lacking.

They can also be a good way to get parents more involved in their children’s education.

Until the digital divide is fully closed, the technology will be just another thing that adds to the achievement gap for Latinos and Latinas in America.

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